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8 Daily Habits to Create a Godly Home

The beautiful thing about our time on earth, is that it can be ever changing. We get the opportunity to wake up every day and make our lives exactly how we want it to be.

Earlier this year we went through a family structure change and I had a whole new opportunity to create daily habits that worked for our household. For a few years prior to my divorce I had spent quite a bit of time getting closer to God.

Those changes came just a little at a time. Those changes built on top of each other created a whole new way of living. When my son and I moved into our new home, I was very intentional about bringing God into our daily lives as we were able to create new routines and traditions. Here's some ideas to get you started.

Pray Often

Incorporating prayer into our daily lives is one of the ways we can start to build a really close relationship with our God. When I began this journey I started by adding prayer to my morning routine. Soon I noticed myself praying throughout the day.

When I see a need to be met, I pray. When I am thankful for something, I pray. I talk to God when I'm in nature because that's where I feel His presence most. I talk to God when I'm stressed because that's when I need Him most.

Sometimes my prayers are one line and other times I spend a half hour. But I pray because I need my God.

Start A Gratitude List

This is a pretty quick task that can easily be added to anyone's day. Challenge yourself everyday to write down 5 things you're grateful for and why.

Gratitude List
Download PDF • 2.99MB

Gratitude is a great way to increase a positive mindset. One simple way I incorporate more gratitude is saying "I get to" instead of "I have to". I get to go to the gym today, because God gave me this body to take care of. I get to do laundry today, because I have a day off from work, because I have a family, because our family has their needs met.

See how that adds a little positive spin on our day!

Use your Spiritual Gifts

If your still searching for yours that's okay! Gifts can be anything.

I have the gift of writing and I hope that my writing encourages those that take the time to read this blog. I also try really hard to be a good listener because being heard is so important for those we love.

Some other gifts may include:

  • Community Service

  • Our roles in our family

  • Our roles in our community

  • Taking time to talk to people

  • Teaching

  • Preaching

  • Music

  • Volunteering

  • Being a steward of the land

  • Encouraging those around us

Talk about God with your Children

Take small opportunities to incorporate talk about God. When you're out for a family walk note God's creations.

When you're at the dinner table use it as an opportunity to give praise or talk about our blessings.

You can talk about God while tending the garden. How God calls us to be stewards of the land. Where our food comes from. How beautifully nature works together in harmony as God created it.

Talk about loving one another and team work after a sporting event. There are so many ways you can bring God up in conversations around your every day life.

Practice Grace

If this isn't something you're used to...this may take time and intentional effort. It's important to understand maintaining healthy boundaries. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be gracious to others like God is to us (we are all imperfect)

  • Practice Grace to yourself (especially if you're a perfectionist)

  • Choose your words carefully when angry

  • Practice being courteous

  • Speak words of love and kindness to yourself and others

Be Disciplined

Have intention throughout your day. God gave us this life - lets live it with intention!!

Treat your body and mind like the temple it is!

  • Drink water

  • Exercise often

  • Spend time in nature (aka God's masterpiece)

  • Take time for yourself (yes mama, I know that's hard)

  • Pray and meditate daily

  • Get a good night's rest

  • Stretch daily

  • Challenge yourself to fail at something new

  • Challenge your mind

Be Encouraging

Practice a little each day speaking encouraging words to those around you. A little "good job" or "thanks for your help" goes a long way.

Think of ways others' have been encouraging to you. Not that long ago I was volunteering at a community event for our Veterans. I left my phone at home to charge. When I got home there was a message from an acquaintance that complimented my outfit and how I was just glowing. That one message from another woman in our community made my week!

Something as simple as "I love your outfit" can change someones whole day. Lets try to encourage someone this week. It might make their day!

Give Thanks

Last but not least...In everything give thanks!

Be thankful for all the little moments in your life. I have probably said it in every blog post that gratitude is life changing. There can't be enough of it!

I am thankful for every time my teenager crawls in bed with me to say Hi.

I am thankful for the new friends God has put in my life.

I am thankful for my daily walks in our quaint little town.

I could probably sit here and write 1001 things I'm thankful for. That comes with practice and the more you practice it, the more you notice it and the better you get at it!

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