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5 Leadership Skills from Women in the Bible

There are so many amazing women in the Bible that we can learn really amazing skills from, but I chose to highlight these 4 women today. I remember as a child sitting bright eyed, listening to the stories in Sunday School about women of the Bible. I would daydream, as I often do, about their lives. In my eyes, there were many that were so heroic. Each in their own way. There was Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. There was Ruth who had such an attitude of service. There was Hannah who was full of faith. In total there are 49 women who are named in the Bible. Forty-Nine unique stories about 49 unique woman.

I have always loved stories about powerful women. Sometimes I picture Wonder Woman with her head always held high. Sometimes I think of Mother Teresa and her giving soul. Sometimes I think of my sister who is insanely smart and ambitious, or the woman at the well, or a woman who picked themselves up and carried on when she didn't want to. There are so many times women in both stories and those I know personally, have been influential in my life.

I've mentioned it on this blog before that I have done an insane amount of soul searching and growing the past few years. On my mission to find out what my God given gifts and callings are I have studied a lot about the women in the Bible. I want to know what it's like to be a woman of God as it pertains to me as an individual. I want to read about how God used women to further His mission. I want to read about women who held their heads high and walked on. There are 4 women I'm going to talk about today and 5 skills we can learn from them. I wanted to highlight some lesser talked about women in the Bible, simply because of their important roles.

Leadership like Deborah

Deborah's story in the Bible is told in Judges chapters 4 and 5 Personally Deborah is in my top 5 people to meet in Heaven. Here's just a few character traits that I love about her.

  • God chose her to lead Israel

  • She was a compassionate leader

  • She wore many hats - she was a wife, mother, judge, and prophetess

  • She wasn't afraid to lead into battle

  • She put God at the center of her life

  • Her leadership brought people to God

Teamwork and Hospitality like Priscilla (And Aquila)

These two are such a power couple! Partially because their names rhyme, but also because of how they worked together for the greater good! Their story is so amazing. I think of how they must encourage other and build one another up. They must have had a lengthy ministry because they are mentioned throughout the New Testament for awhile. Their story begins in Acts 18. They are also mentioned in 1 Corinthians 16:19 and 2 Timothy 4:19. Here's what I took away from their teamwork and hospitality:

  • The importance of choosing the right partner

  • They complimented each others' strengths

  • They used their home to minister to others

  • Their ministry took them many places, they were Hable to reach many

  • Their ministry expanded over a long period of time

  • They worked as a team to accomplish their goals and ministry

Courage like Jochebed

Jochebed's story took place in Exodus 2. Moses' mother was a woman of courage. I cannot imagine the fear that would be inside me to place my baby in a river and fully trust God. Her story highlights how amazing life can be when we do have the courage to follow God's plan.

  • Her courage created a leader

  • Her courage rescued God's people from slavery

  • Her courage put the right people in the right places

  • Her courage also blessed her as she was able to raise her son (which wasn't an expected bonus!)

I strive to be as courageous and trusting as Jochebed was with her life, because what a blessing it turned out to be.

Risk-taking like Rahab

Every great leader is a risk-taker. They take risks every day in many aspects of their life, hoping the choices pay off and that's exactly what Rahab did. Rahab's story takes place in Joshua 2 Her risks paid off.

  • Rahab risked her life to help spies

  • She risked her life for the Israelite's (God's chosen people)

  • God used her because of her past (and He can use you too!)

  • She changed her life and became faithful to God

I hope we are encouraged to be more like these courageous, hospitable, risk-taking leaders of women we've read about today. I hope wherever you are in your journey right now that you lean on God and trust him to make you exactly the person you were designed to be! Comment on the post who your favorite women in the Bible are!

Blessing and prayers


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Bonnie Beattie
Bonnie Beattie
Nov 29, 2021

I love reading your posts Liz, they are so uplifting and inspiring. If I was to pick a favourite today it would be Esther as that is where I am currently readin.

She risked her life for her family and her people and reading how God worked it out is awesome.

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